Month: October 2015

My first 24 Hours at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


This is a Getty image photo. I plan to swap out this photo for one that I took at GTMO today, as soon as I can get a better internet connection.

I have been to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba several times, but only when U.S. Military Commission hearings were scheduled involving alleged war criminals charged with heinous crimes.

This time my visit is focusing on the Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) side, dealing with the detention of “detainees” (rather than dealing with trials of “defendants” or “accused” persons).

My goal on this trip is to gather information useful for my new book, The Guantanamo Bay Reader, set to be published by Indiana University Press.

Please watch this space for more on the detention side of what happens at Gitmo. My first 24 hours at Gitmo have been busy, and I have an even busier next 24 hours scheduled.

Stay tuned.

George Edwards

Going Back to Guantanamo 

I’ve been to Guantanamo Bay in multiple capacities. Today I go to conduct research on my new book, The Guantanamo Bay Reader (Indiana University Press, 2016). 

I’m flying on my own today, not attached to a specific US Military Commission.  That’s why my flight check-in to Guantanamo was at a discreet counter, on the lowest floor of the Ft. Lauderdale International  Airport, next to the baggage claim. In the past I’ve flown with a group from Andrews Air Firce Base. 
I’ll check in later after touching down in Cuba.