Periodic Review Board Participants

IU McKinney Faculty & Staff Who Have Been Selected to

Travel to the Pentagon to Monitor Guantanamo Bay’s Periodic Review Boards (PRBs)

In addition to Professor George E. Edwards, the following IU McKinney Affiliates have been selected to serve as NGO Monitors at Periodic Review Board (PRBs) held at the Pentagon, broadcast live from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ,IU McKinney “Affiliates” include IU McKinney students, faculty, staff and graduates.

 IU McKinney Students

  • Faisel Sadat, LL.M. ’17, September, October, November 2016; February 2017
  • Aline Fagundes, LL.M. ’17, February 2017

IU McKinney Graduates

  • Jeff Mediing, J.D. graduate, summer 2016

IU McKinney Faculty

  • George Edwards (July – December 2016 – multiple PRBs)