Video footage of Guantanamo Bay detention operations are rarely available to the public. Below are some of these videos, along with commentary by those who were permitted to be present during filming and commentary of others familiar with the operations. The Gitmo Observer presents these videos for information only, and not for endorsement of the videos or their content.


Inside Guantanamo

(By National Geographic)

Published on 7 February 2012

“For the first time, National Geographic exclusively captures day-to-day life in the most famous prison in the world.”

Life at Gitmo

 (By 60 Minutes)
17 November 2013, 7:00 PM
“Lesley Stahl gets a rare view inside Guantanamo Bay prison, where 164 accused terrorists have been locked up, most for 11 years without charge or trial.”

A debrief with the 60 Minutes team who went to Gitmo

 (By 60 Minutes)

17 November 2013

Outside the law: Stories from Guantánamo

The 2009 documentary, Outside the law: Stories from Guantánamo, by Andy Worthington and Polly Nash exposes torture, extraordinary rendition and secret prisons. The video examines how the Bush administration turned its back on domestic and international law, rounded up prisoners in Afghanistan and Pakistan without adequate screening and often for large bounty payments. The 75 minute video focuses on the stories of three prisoners, Shaker Aamer, Binyam Mohamed and Omar Deghayes.

The video (75 minutes) is available for checkout from the Ruth Lilly Law Library.

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