2 April 2014

Received an email from the OMC containing some tips and advice for my trip to GTMO.

Some Tips and Advice include:

  • My travel documents (Invitational Travel Orders and Country Theater Clearance) will be emailed to me the week of April 7th.
  • I need to bring five copies of each document with you while traveling to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • Arrive at the Main Gate at AAFB no later than 0630 on April 12
  • We will be staying in tents while at GTMO, so we need to bring flip-flops, or other cheap shoes, to use as it is a short walk between the tents and the showers/bathrooms.
  • The tents are kept very cold to ensure wildlife remains outside. Please pack appropriately (extra blanket, warm clothes, etc.) if you are prone to being cold.

Started to develop a list that will hopefully one day be used as “Guidelines for MCOP Affiliates Before, During, and After Travel to GTMO or Ft. Meade for MC Hearings”

Finally, I emailed Judge Riley to talk about additional information for the trip.

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