Fort Meade April 16, 2014

As Jeff shared yesterday, there were no hearings today and the defense was given the day to prepare proposed orders for discovery related to the FBI’s alleged questioning of the Defense Security Officer on Ramzi Binalshibh’s defense team.  And indeed, an ex parte, under seal document was filed today on the issue by counsel for Binalshibh.

Pedestrian entrance to U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis

Pedestrian entrance to U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis

As there was no courtroom activity today, I used the free day to make the 25-minute drive to Annapolis to tour the United States Naval Academy.  Aside from my personal interest in the facility, I confess I hope to some day interest my 8th grade son in touring the campus as well!

I elected to take the guided walking tour which lasted about an hour and a half and contained a wealth of information about the academy.  The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the facilities shown on the tour were state-of-the art.  For me, however, the highlight was viewing the crypt where Scotsman and Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones is entombed.  Commanding the Bon Homme Richard, the severely out-gunned Jones uttered the famous words “I have not yet begun to fight!” and ultimately captured the British ship HMS Serapis in the battle.

Sarcophagus of John Paul Jones

Sarcophagus of John Paul Jones

As the United States had not yet formed an organized navy, after the Revolution Jones sought work elsewhere in the world, and for a time served as an admiral in the Russian navy under Catherine the Great.  He later moved the France, where he died in 1792 of complications from an earlier bout with malaria.  The French had preserved and buried Jones’ body in a royal cemetery, but the location of the cemetery was lost after the French Revolution.  After a six-year search, Jones’ grave was discovered and his remains were repatriated to the United States.  He has been interred at the Naval Academy ever since.

After an interesting day learning new things, I’m ready for more hearings!  Hopefully we will hear from Judge Pohl tomorrow.  In the meantime, I expect Jeff will update us on his adventures in Cuba!

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