Final Day of GTMO 9/11 Hearings (Jeff Meding) (17 April 2016)

En route to the final 9/11 hearings for April 2014. Please see below a picture of me standing in front of the Camp Justice sign. Also, you will see a photo of the entire NGO group that was taken right before the hearing today.

Standing in front of Camp Justice.

Standing in front of Camp Justice.

All of the NGO's taking a photo in front of the Camp Justice sign.

All of the NGO’s taking a photo in front of the Camp Justice sign.











Well, as predicted, today’s hearing was over in less than an hour. It started a 0907 AM and recessed at 0950 AM. KSM, Ramzi Binalshibh, and Ammar al-Baluchi were present when the MC was called to order. The FBI issue (292) was the main focal point of this hearing. In fact, between the hearing being adjourned on Tuesday and resuming today, the Defense counsel filed a discovery motion (292D). In response to this Motion, the Government filed (292F ex parte) requesting time to file a submission by a newly detailed trial counsel. Finally, the Defense counsel filed an objection (292G) to the Government’s 292F motion.

Special Trial Counsel Fernando Campoamor-Sanchez, an official of the U.S. DOJ, was appointed to represent the U.S. in all matters relating to 292 (FBI issue). The Prosecution team wants to insulate itself from any 292 issue.

Judge Pohl worked out some procedural matters on how to proceed forward with the hearings and address the 292 issue. And just like that, the hearings were over and the court was recessed.

Below is a link to the Transcript of today’s Hearing.

KSM II ((TRANS17April2014-AM)


By Jeff Meding, Military Commission Observation Project, Indiana University McKinney School of Law

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