Pre-Hearing Thoughts Fort Meade 9/11 Case – Matt Kubacki

I write this after a few days of recovery from the July 2014 Bar Exam, so not only is there excitement to attend the hearings, but also much relief to have finished the Bar.  That being said, please excuse any errors, my brain still has not recovered (those who have taken the Bar will know, those who will can consider this something to look forward to).  The timing is perfect as it comes after a week of post-bar recovery and a few days before I return to the Marion County Prosecutors Office.

My thoughts leading up are to do as much background research on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as possible, reviewing prior posts here, and making sure to thoroughly review all the documents provided to us.  After telling family and friends of this opportunity, I realize more just how unique this opportunity is. The ability to watch, hear and report on these proceedings will truly be once in a lifetime.

I will be driving from Indiana to Fort Meade Sunday 8/10 and returning Tuesday 8/12, so my time will be short, but as detailed as possible.  We have been provided with a checklist of sorts that we are to be referring to during the hearings, so I will be basing most of my general descriptions from that.  From a personal standpoint, I will be interested to see how the hearings proceed and whether they incorporate the “fairness” aspect of the Judicial system that we are taught in law school.  I know many in the press and public are skeptical, but I’ll refrain from voicing my opinion until I am able to witness the proceedings.  My thoughts/observations will also draw from my experience with the Prosecutors Office, but fear not, I am not one to think everyone is guilty by their appearance in the courtroom.

I see that comments are available here, so if any interested readers are curious or would like something answered, please do not hesitate to post.  Until the next post!


-Matt Kubacki, 2014 IU McKinney Law Graduate-

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