Going to Ft. Meade to Monitor Guantanamo Bay Hearings

I’m traveling to Washington, D.C. this morning, bound for Ft. Meade, Maryland where on Monday morning I plan to monitor Guantanamo Bay US Military Commission hearings in the case of al Nashiri, a man accused of masterminding the suicide attack on the U.S.S. Cole off Yemen’s coast in 2000.

Why Ft. Meade?

Not everyone who wants to view Guantanamo Bay hearings is able to travel to Guantanamo Bay. It’s complicated to get there.

The Pentagon has opened a few select viewing sites for interested persons to view what is happening in the Guantanamo Bay courtroom, via secure videolink. It’s kind of like watching a courtroom drama on TV, and that courtroom scenario is real.

My colleague Professor Tom Wilson of Indiana University McKinney School of Law is scheduled to fly to Guantanamo Bay tomorrow, Sunday, to monitor the al Nashiri hearings. He will blogging about rights of all Guantanamo Bay stakeholders.

He will also be telling us at Ft. Meade what is happening outside the Guantanamo Bay courtroom that we can’t see or hear in Maryland.

The photo is of a group of NGO Observers at Guantanamo Bay in August 2014, on my last mission to the Cuban military base.

(George Edwards, Washington, D.C.., 21 February 2015)


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