Another Guantanamo Detainee permitted to plead for release

omar al rammah - yemen

Omar Mohammed Ali al Rammah

The Pentagon posted on their website a hearing date for another detainee to be permitted to plead for his release.

On 21 July 2016, Omar Mohammed Ali Al-Rammah, will be given an opportunity formally to request repatriation to his home country (Yemen — which would almost certainly not be granted) or transfer to a third country. The hearing is called a “Periodic Review Board” or “PRB“.

al Rammah, who is alleged to be a member of al Qaeda, is suspected to have played a major role in “al-Qaida linked plans to conduct explosives operations in Georgia and Chechnya”  in the Republic of Georgia. (Per a JTF-GTMO memorandum from 2008). That 2008 memorandum noted that al Rammah was at that time a high risk (as he was “likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies”), a medium threat from a detention perspective, and of medium intelligence value.

It was previously reported that the 14 July 2016 was the last scheduled PRB. And that was true at the time. The al Rammah hearing was just added to the public schedule.

It is hoped that the Pentagon will permit me to observe the al-Rammah hearing.


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