Arriving at Guantanamo Bay for Hadi hearing. 

I flew from Andrews Air Force base to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on a Delta Airlines 757 chartered by the Department of Defense to ferry over 100 people involved with the Military Commission case against Hadi al Iraqi.

I am with a team of 11 representatives of non-governmental organization fouls (NGOs) who are monitoring these criminal proceedings. 

Today’s business on the ground was primarily getting a security briefing, picking up our Military Commission badges, learning our likely program of courtroom and other activities for the week, dinner at O’Kelly’s Irish pub, and playing Taboo. 

Our first hearings are in the morning. 

Members of the Delta cabin crew joined me for photos at the Guantanamo Bay Air Station. 

A couple of the NGOs took photos at Camp Justice, where we are living in tents for the next several days. 

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