Awaiting Departure to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

I am now at Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington, known as JBA – Joint Base


Reading the Guantanamo Bay Fair Trial Manual the night before departure.

Andrews – awaiting my departure at 08:00. I was picked up, along with three other NGO Observers, at 04:00, at a hotel just outside of JBA. The check-in process was quick and very similar to checking into a civilian airport.


Boarding ticket

We are fly to Guantanamo Bay to monitor hearings in the case against Khalid Shaik Mohammad and four other alleged masterminds of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The flight is scheduled to depart at 08:00. The original departure time was 10:00. I heard that the flight was moved up two hours because the pilot would have been over hours for the day if the flight departed at 10:00.

The hearings are scheduled to run from December 5 – 9. I will be returning to JBA on December 1o.

I have met the other NGO’s Observers and distributed excerpts from the Guantanamo Bay Fair Trial Manual.

I will be departing soon, and my next post will be from Cuba.

Justin W. Jones (J.D. Candidate, ’18)
NGO Monitor, U.S. Military Commission Observation Project (MCOP)
Program in International Human Rights Law
Indiana University McKinney School of Law

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