In Preparation to Attend, Observe, be Observed, Analyze, and Critique a Hearing at Guantanamo Bay.

By: Emily Hunter

My Background

I am currently a 3L evening division student at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.  Prior to law school I spent ten years as a legal assistant. I am currently employed as a law clerk at the Public Defender of Indiana.  

I have been interested in what has been going on at Guantanamo Bay military prison since 2002.  My interest peaked when an attorney from my office left to work on a detainee’s case.  My interest peaked more when I was given the opportunity to be a research assistant to work on the Guantanamo Bay Reader.  This is what led me to apply to travel to Guantanamo Bay through IU McKinney School of Law PIRHL program. 

This will be my first time traveling to Guantanamo Bay.  I am excited to have this opportunity and am looking forward to my travels.

My Preparation

In preparation for my travel I have reviewed the Guantanamo Bay Fair Trial Manual, Know Before You Go to Guantanamo Bay Manual.  I also looked up Nashwan al Tamir/Hadi al Iraqi’s docket on the Military Commissions website (  I was able to access unclassified documents filed in his case including, but not limited to, the charging information and memos filed by the Government and Defense Counsel. 

The defendant has been charged with Denying Quarter, Attacking Protected Property, Using Treachery or Perfidy, and Attempted Use of Treachery or Perfidy in attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan between 2003 and 2004.  He has also been charged with Conspiracy to commit law of war offenses.  The defendant has been held at Guantanamo Bay since April 2007, he was arraigned in June 2014.

Abd Hadi al Iraqi (Nashwan al Tamir) (2014 photo by the International Committee of the Red Cross)

My Mission

My mission will be to attend, observe, be observed, analyze, critique, and publish materials on all stakeholders at Guantanamo Bay the week of 5 March to 7 March 2019.  I will have the opportunity to meet and communicate with other NGO members as well as provide them with Guantanamo Bay Fair Trial Manual’s.  Look for more blog posts from me while I am on my travels and updates on how the hearing is going.

Emily Hunter, JD 2020, NGO Monitor, U.S. Military Commission Observation Project, Program in International Human Rights Law, Indiana University McKinney School of Law

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