9 April 2014

I received news from Ms. Kristin Brockett that the Briefing Book should arrive tomorrow at the FedEx Office near my apartment in Chicago!

Also, today I received an email from Mr. Ben Fenwick, Program Analyst for the OMC, which contained my Traveling Forms and last minute information. I received an Invitational Travel Order form and an APACS (Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System) form. It is nice to have 100% confirmation that I am cleared for the flight to GTMO.

Some of the last minute details include being at AAFB by 6:30 AM on Saturday, April 12, what the plans are when we arrive at GTMO, and what time we are going to a BBQ. The NGO’s were invited to a BBQ by the Defense Team for Ali Abdul Aziz Ali aka Ammar al-Baluchi. I am excited to get to talk with the Defense Team and get their insights into the MC. Finally, if anyone has ever seen the movie Zero Dark Thirty, the character Ammar who is waterboarded, is allegedly Ammar al-Baluchi.


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