10 April 2014

2 more days until I leave for GTMO!

Today was a big prep day in terms of making sure I had all the necessary paperwork and supplies to bring with me. Last minute details and emails to confirm plans. Based off of all the information I read, I finished my GTMO Review and Questions document for my trip. After taking the time to make this, I feel very prepared for this trip!

I went and picked up the Briefing Book from the FedEx Office and it looks better than I had anticipated. I am really happy with the end product and proud of all the hard work Qifan and others put into making this. I am proud I get to represent the IU McKinney PIHRL MCOP and glad I get to provide the Briefing Book to the NGO Library for future IU Affiliates and NGO’s to use.

In the afternoon, I looked at the Referred Charges for the 9/11 case and read two great articles by Jennifer K. Elsea.  The articles are The Military Commissions  Act of 2009  (MCA 2009): Overview and Legal Issues and Comparison of Rights in Military Commission Trials and Trials in  Federal Criminal Court. After having some general knowledge about the MC, I would definitely suggest that people read these two articles to fill in any gaps and tie things together. Both are very informative and provide a great comparison of the MC v. the Fed. Crim. Ct. system.

Finally, I packed and since I am OCD I checked a million times to make sure I had everything!

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