DoD Orders Received

I just received my DoD orders via e-mail today.  Preparation for this trip has been a whirl-wind.  I’m almost done meeting next week’s deadlines for work, since I will be out of the office (I should be careful, they might expect this type of productivity from me on a regular basis!).  My state-side brother and I were talking logistics and he laughed at me for getting excited about the mess hall.  I always have enjoyed the food in the messes and I think it annoyed my brother that I would insist on eating there when I would visit.  In his words, the mess hall only has good food when a General visits.  It’s a lucky week for me then, since there will be a General in camp!

Late night at the office, trying to get through some items in preparation for Sunday's trip!

Late night at the office, trying to get through some items in preparation for Sunday’s trip!

On Tuesday, I had breakfast with former rep (and fellow 2010 graduate) Hattie Harman.  She highly recommended the book “The Terror Courts” by Jess Bravin.  I plan to dig into that book before getting down to GTMO as it mentions several people who are involved in the proceedings.  I hope this will give me a better sense of who I am talking to when I meet people.  The book should also give me some talking points to pass time while we wait in the lines.

I have also started my refresher with “the Manual” in preparation and I also went to the GTMO website for information.  I am not myself until I’ve had coffee in the morning (see my prior Fort Meade postings describing said addiction), so I was scouring the site for information of a rumored cafe.  I will also have my own trusty stash, just in case.

On Friday, I will be attending Professor Edwards’ class as a guest to field questions, talk about the project, and meet other participants.  That is the extent of my preparation outside of the mandatory paperwork to date, however, that will increase as Sunday approaches.

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